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With nearly 20 years of international experience, we recognise that it is crucial for businesses to know their target audiences and understand the customer journey.  


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Understand the decision journey of high-value and
low-value product customers

Rebus Signet Rings
Michaela Christine Wolf conducted one-on-one interviews with
a range of existing Rebus customers to understand who the Rebus customer is and why they shop with the brand. Following brand analysis, customer profiling and customer decision journey mapping, Michaela Christine Wolf developed a customer-centric Marketing and e-commerce strategy.

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Identify customer insight, patterns and behaviour across the customer database

Upper Street
Michaela Christine Wolf conducetd in-depth interviews with existing customers using the jobs-to-be-done approach. The interview responses highlighted the vital role that Upper Street plays in helping women to design their dream shoes. From the moment they design and receive their first Upper Street creation customers form an emotional bond with their shoes and the brand.

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Identify business growth opportunities

Goat Fashion
A broad range of research, including brand analysis, situation analysis, mystery shopping, customer ‘’Jobs-to-be-done’’ interviews as well as stakeholder interviews was conducted. The research provided insights into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company, and formed the foundation for strategic recommendations to support the brands growth targets.


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Develop strategic marketing recommendations across online & offline

Temperley London
Customer Retention and Acquisition Strategy was created and executed by Michaela Christina Wolf to target and streamline
the company’s marketing communications and CRM activities.
A traffic generation programme was also put in place to support
the customer acquisition in online/offline channels.

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Develop quick wins and long-term actions to drive direct
Return on Investment

Georg Jensen
Michaela Christine Wolf interviewed a range of top-spending loyal customers. The interview and data insights formed the basis for a bespoke targeted CRM strategy to deliver relevant and engaging marketing communications activities. It also provided relevant insights used to develop a successful acquisition strategy and staff training programme to help to identify, engage and convert potential high spending customers. 

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Increase brand awareness and win market share

To create a consistent brand voice Michaela Christine Wolf started
by analysing and developing the brand. The insight gained was used to guide the brand’s marketing activities, the creation of a Commercial marketing calendar as well as a customer-centric e-commerce brief for the website re-development.  A CRM database and systems were initiated to drive customer acquisition and retention in the UK and internationally, such as a programme for Middle Eastern customers.

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Michaela Christine Wolf


Michaela Christine Wolf is the founder and director of Michaela Christine Wolf Ltd, a luxury marketing consultancy, which specialises in working with luxury brands to acquire and retain high-net-worth customers whilst managing change internally. The consultancy covers Marketing research, strategy, planning, implementation result evaluation and training.

Michaela uses a leading qualitative research methodology called “Jobs-to-be-done” to identify customer decision journeys and develops integrated customer-centric marketing strategies which deliver direct return of investment.

She has also developed a unique Customer-Relationship Retail Trainings Programme for retail staff, marketing/sales and management teams to help companies to change to a customer-centric organisation. Michaela is giving guest lectures at London College of Fashion, British School of Fashion and working closely with Imperial College and their Master Graduates.

Michaela has extensive knowledge of the luxury and premium industry – across hospitality, jewellery, fashion, beauty, interiors, luxury services - with nearly 20 years experience working on client-side and consultancy initiatives. Previously Michaela has worked as Head of Marketing and Global Project Management for Georg Jensen as well as consulting for Wedgwood, William & Son, Mappin & Webb, Georg Jensen, Roksanda, Temperley London, Silhouette, Imperial College London, Rebus Signet Rings, Upper Street, Rituals Cosmetics, Only Fingers & Toes, Copyright David Bailey, Nanny & Butler,, Goat Fashion, and Kurt Salmon.  

I believe that to excite customers and translate brand values and ideas companies should look to new technology and digital experiences to set themselves apart in the market.”

Apart from her luxury marketing role, Michaela is also a Director of China Edge, a collaboration of Chinese & Luxury Retail experts to help luxury brands to acquire and retain high-net-worth Chinese.

Michaela works with an extensive network of associates in the fields of retail, digital, e-commerce, social media, VIP events etc. and has also developed a vast network of contacts in the luxury, #fashtech & international arena.


Customer Testimonials


I have had the pleasure of working with Michaela on various CRM retail & data projects over the last few years, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Michaela’s knowledge, attention to detail and passion are second to none, and I look forward to working together on more successful projects in the future.

- David Harris Co-Founder & Managing Director of Monty


Michaela conducted a customer interview research methodology and from that put together a very detailed omni-channel plan to help drive sales by acquiring new customer and retaining existing ones. Michaela is one of the best marketers I have come across! She is very creative, solution driven and very commercial which is every CEO's dream. 

- Penny Grivea, Managing Director at Rituals Cosmetics UK & Ireland


I have worked with Michaela in her role as a consultant for the Rituals UK business. She has a lot of knowledge of the luxury brands in the UK, moreover on how they are positioned in the market. She knows the specific attribute how to build a strong luxury brand, and is able to develop a plan which can make a difference. With this input we are convinced that we are able to grow our business more the ever before. 

- René Repko, Marketing Director at Action BV


 Michaela has been working on our marketing and e-commerce strategy and I have been delighted with the results of all Michaela's and her team hard work. Her positivity, energy and passion for what she does is plain to see. Her approach has been considered and caring and she is a joy to work with. I have no hesitation in saying that Michaela and her team are a tremendous asset to my company.

- Emmet Smith