I saw 34 individuals and future leaders grow within a secure environment and we trained together. 

Last week I was invited to a 1.5 day guest lecture at the Retail & Communications Master Programme at the University of Turin. It was incredible to feel the excitement, see the passion of the students grow, experience the care and praise that was given for peers, the capability of providing constructive feedback and innovating brands & communications.

For me personally it felt like a life changing elixir to see the potential in this class room and the fun we had to DELIVER THE ABSOLUTE BEST WE CAN.


Thank you to all the 34 students some of them to mention Merlo Tancredo, Saracco Giovanni, Nicolotti Pietro, Massa Giovanni, De Angelis Marcelo, Antonia Mileto, Anna Gondola, Cristina Coreini, Pietro Franchitti, Andrea Ubertallo, Anastasia Orlenko, Alessia De Stefanis, Alessia Valperga, Maria Sole Bianchetti, Andrea Parisi, Luca Botto, Maria Teresa Berloco, Eliana Sauria, letizia Sardu, Francesco D'Agostino, Federico Maggioro, Davide Crosio Leonard, Simone Gambardella, Fabio La Vella.

Thank you also to Gianluca Fossat, Federico Sucato, Anna Claudia Pellicelli for giving me the opportunity to lead.

Branding for the Future: CRM in the Luxury World

Join Michaela Christine Wolf Ltd. on the 3rd and 31st of March to find out how to address your customers’ needs with innovation that’s right for them in the changing service landscape. As the powerful idea of ‘the brand’ is crumbling, Michaela Wolf will show you in this two day workshop the tools and techniques to empower you, your employees as well as your brand in order to understand customers and thus, ensure that the individuality of each stays at the center of everything you do. 

Return of investment on this workshop: 

  • Increase turnover
  •  Turn leads into customers
  • Successfully acquire new customers
  • Build long-lasting and pro table customer relationships
  • Become a customer-centric business, which stands the test of time
  • Build brand value and equity

Find out more or book directly on the website  http://ffi.pt/?lang=en

23rd Golden Drum Festival - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Inspired to Inspire.

No new brand, just brand new solutions

Across the changing retail landscape the powerful idea of 'the brand’ is crumbling. Instead, the desires of the consumer are now not only paramount, but rich, varied and very much their own. This training workshop looks at how to address your customer's needs with innovation that’s right for them. Empoweringyou and the people who work for you to understand them better will ensure that the individuality of your customers stays at the centre of everything you do

Global Fashion 2016

The fifth edition of the Global Fashion Conference will take place on the 20th and 21st of October, 2016, at the University of Stockholm, in Sweden. This international conference seeks to promote innovation through a convergence between the academic and business worlds and is organised by the company FFI-Fast Forward Innovation and the Centre for Fashion Studies at the University of Stockholm. The main theme of this edition is: “Tradition and Innovation: challenges for luxury and fashion in the 21st Century.”


The LuxHub is a recognised institution to facilitate and excellerate growth of luxury brands and stakeholders in the UK and globally. The vision is to promote networking, education and thought-leadership with the target audience ranging from small to leading premium brands from a diversity of industries.

The event is by invitation only. In case of interest please contact Michaela on mcw@michaelacwolf.com. Further information can be obtained from http://www.ducc.co.uk/events/luxury-hub

The first Luxury Retail & Innovations Conference, 13th October 2015 in Vienna, Austria

Michaela Christine Wolf in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


The aim of this conference is to support the Austrian government with their economic growth plans. We will work with businesses on how to implement innovative retailing successfully.

Four experts will be working with the audience on

  • Brand vision & positioning, identifying the audiences, Ramona Da Gama – Business Growth Strategy Coach
  • The luxury consumer journey & customer centric marketing strategies, Michaela Christine Wolf – Luxury Marketer
  • Digital strategies & the importance of a lean approach within a big data economy, Karinna Nobbs – Senior Lecturer Digital Fashion Strategy at British School of Fashion in London/NYC
  • Using technology to positively influence your customers shopping journey, Sarah Davis – Associate Partner at Kurt Salmon for Digital & 1:1 Connected Consumer Retailing

You can expect an interactive event where the attending luxury brand representatives will take away ideas, plans & immediate actions to success.

The International Department of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has the mission to support Austrian companies in their efforts to export, to invest abroad and to increase their competitiveness on international markets, with a network of 116 offices worldwide.

Who is this conference aimed at:

  • Austrian Luxury Brands (small/medium/large) across all sectors (jewellery, design, furniture, lifestyle & leisure industries, real estate, etc.).
  • Austrian companies selling to, or are economically connected to, the luxury sector (e.g. marketing/advertising agencies, etc.). 

Follow this link to download the half-day programme and register https://wko.at/aussenwirtschaft/luxurymarketing

The Daily Telegraph "Making the right connections"

“If you want to get ahead in business, joining a network offers you all sorts of opportunities. And there is no time like the present.”
— Claire Cohen

Being able to join a niche networking group has an added advantage for women, who often have to juggle their professional and home life. Joining an industry-specific group, where you know your time won’t be wasted, can be a significant draw. “Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time at networking events,” says luxury marketer Michaela Christine Wolf. “Whilst some were fruitful due to my effort to work the room, most had no value. “As my business has grown, I have to be very selective about which events I attend. At curated events, I get to indulge my passions and interests, as well as meet interesting and inspiring people, many of whom have become friends and essential sounding boards for both my business and personal development.”

Read the full article here 

Google Hosts #Fashmash Summer Party

#fashmash hosts: Pia Stanchina of Google, Rachel Arthur of Fashion & Mash, Rosanna Falconer of Matthew Williamson, and Fintan Gillespie of Google

#fashmash hosts: Pia Stanchina of Google, Rachel Arthur of Fashion & Mash, Rosanna Falconer of Matthew Williamson, and Fintan Gillespie of Google

#Fashmash is a digital network with representatives from digital teams at Harvey Nichols, Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Topshop, Alexander McQueen, Asos, Harrods and more, as well as numerous faces from major technology companies, agencies and advisors to the fashion & technology industry. 

For the 2nd time #Fashmash has thrown a Summer Party. This time kindly hosted by Google UK in their extra-ordinary spaces. 

Big thank you to the founder & hosts Rosanna Falkoner, Business Director at Matthew Williamson and by Rachel Arthur, Editor and Founder of fashionandmash.com for a wonderful evening. I feel honoured to have been part of the network since it's early start 2.5 years ago. 

Read the full article here

Michaela Christine Wolf has been approved as a Growth Voucher Adviser

Michaela is now eligible to work with clients who have received a voucher as part of the Growth Voucher scheme. This government programme helps businesses get strategic business advice on a variety of topics.

Businesses who applied to be part of the programme will be randomly chosen to get a voucher of up to £2,000 which can pay for up to half of the cost of the advice. 

Michaela provides advice for building CRM and branding strategies around qualitative customer research to profitably acquire and retain high-net worth customers. She can also help with training and motivating teams to make change happen. 

Click here to find out more