No new brand, just brand new solutions

Michaela Christine Wolf understands the changing retail landscape, which confronts brands with evolving consumers' desires and needs. These are now not only paramount, but rich, varied and very much their own. Hence, Michaela has created a training workshop that looks at how to address your customer's needs with innovation that’s right for them. Empowering you and the people who work for you to understand them better will ensure that the individuality of your customers stays at the centre of everything you do.


The Customer-Relationship Retail Training Programme

We understand that change and transformation present a range of challenges and insecurities for brands and demand careful planning. In order to combat these challenges we offer the Customer-Relationship training programme that helps your team to implement positive changes and reach their full potential. 

The Programme is completely tailored to your brand, product & team requirements and helps you to 

  • Increase turnover
  • Turn leads into customers
  • Increase number of new customers
  • Build long-lasting and profitable customer relationships
  • Become a customer-centric business which stands the test of time
  • Build brand value and equity.

The 4 part Customer-Relationship Retail Training Programme is executed by Michaela Christine Wolf herself and
based on nearly 20 years of CRM, sales, marketing and management expertise. 


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  • Get to know your customers
  • Understand their values and purchase behaviour
  •  Learn how to present your unique brand values
  • Get customers to buy your product/service

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  • Explore avenues how to find new profitable customers by understanding
    their needs and social environment
  • Empower your team to find new customers
  • Agree on a team action plan and responsibilities 
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  • Explore and find relevant and effective ways to keep your customers
  • Empower your team to build strong and lasting relationships with your valuable customers

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  • Manifest the learnings from part 1-3
  • Motivate your team to successfully find new customers and keep them
  • Define how team and personal success can be measured and results can be evaluated



Lecturing and Teaching
 Sharing Experience & Knowledge

Michaela Christine Wolf has enjoyed giving guest lectures at London College of Fashion, British School of Fashion in London, the Retail & Communications Master Programme in Turin/Italy. She has also worked with Imperial College London and their Strategic Marketing Master Graduates on their Final Course Strategy projects.

Topics that can be covered in an interactive & innovative way of teaching include:

  • How to develop a successful and customer-centric luxury marketing strategy, using leading research methodologies.
  • Create a customer-centric digital marketing strategy and a creative executional plan, and stand out from competition
  • Who is my customer? How to define a target customer?
  • How to acquire new luxury customers?
  • How to build long-lasting and profitable customer relationships?
  • How to become a customer-centric business, which stands the test of time?
  • How to build brand equity and value?