Customised services

Brand research and analysis
Brand analysis (functional and emotional benefits) & brand identity

Market & Customer Research
Jobs-to-be-done methodology, customer & market research, qualitative surveys, target customer profiling

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer acquisition, customer retention, staff training & motivation

Strategy development
Customer-centric marketing strategies, omni-channel strategies, e-commerce strategies, CRM strategies, brand strategies

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Data Analysis and Insight
Data analysis, customer segmentation, CRM calendar for online, offline and social channels

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Marketing planning and execution
Marketing and business opportunities along the consumer journey, brand & media partnerships, sponsorships

Channel marketing
Retail, wholesale, e-commercetourism strategies & B2B

VIP events & Traffic Generation
VIP event management 
Online – Offline - Social -Traffic Generation

Training & Lecturing
Customer-Relationship Retail Training Programme & Guest Lectures